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Arnold Brown

"still the best laconic comedian in the country" Time Out

Anyone who knows comedy, knows Arnold Brown. They know him as the grandfather of alternative comedy, one of the finest gag writers in Britain but most of all, as a man who "possesses the unerring ability to draw humour from the most unlikely material" Times. For Brown, it is instinctive. It is natural. Yet despite more than twenty years in the business, he still strives for perfection.

Since performing on the opening night of London's famous Comedy Store and gaining prominence during the heyday of "The Comic Strip", Arnold has beaten a path from radio to TV to film and back again, mastering each medium with consummate skill.

Arnold's unhurried delivery and laconic style masks a lightning-fast wit that is as sharp as it is sure. He constantly probes at his targets, jabbing the audience with "typically philosophical one-liners" Guardian, softening them up and moving them against the ropes. Once there, he strikes with the awesome killer blow; expertly timed stories with knockout punchlines leaving you on the floor laughing and gasping for breath.

Having long since mastered the art of comedy club performance, Arnold has played on some of the biggest stages in the world today, including London¹s massive Dominion Theatre, major international comedy festivals - from Edinburgh to Montreal - and even supporting Frank Sinatra at Ibrox Stadium. In addition, he has a wealth of broadcast experience, including his own TV special, "The Brown Man" (BBC2), and radio series "Arnold Brown and Company" (Radio 4). He guested on "Life According to Fred" (BBC1 Scotland), and featured in major films including "Personal Services" and "Comfort and Joy".

One of the first of the great alternative comedians and one of the last of the masters still appearing on the live arena, from the comedy stage to major corporate events, Arnold Brown is continually drawn to his stand-up roots. And for this, modern audiences must be truly thankful.