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The Great Bonzo and Doris

The Great Bonzo and Doris captivated Des O'Connor with their "Goldfish Circus" while appearing on TV's Pot of Gold and they have continued to captivate audiences ever since.

Their act includes unique versions of escapology, magic, Morris dancing, an act entitled "Budgies of Prey", a levitating toilet tent, an hilarious boxing extravaganza, their own interpretations of Shakespearian classics, a goldfish circus, a no knife, knife throwing act plus many, many more "life defying" stunts.

The Great Bonzo and Doris are a wonderful professional act entertaining audiences of all ages from 5 to 105. Having performed throughout the UK, Europe, plus a highly successful tour of South Korea and India. According to Bonzo they are "A List celebrities"

They enjoy performing at Folk Festivals. In July 2004 they were nominated for one of the folk worlds top awards. Bonzo and Doris equally love performing their act at corporate events, town festivals, theatres, garden parties, in marquees, at street parties, the occasional wacky wedding, universities, in comedy clubs and on TV.


Des O'Connor said "Don't give up your day job" and as it is their day job they took it as a compliment.

Top comedy writer and comedian Keith Donnelly said that The Great Bonzo and Doris were "The hardest act I have ever had to follow"

and when Dave Hunt (Doctor Sunshine) was asked what he thought of them he said they were ... "anarchic, incredibly inventive and totally crazy, but also very, very funny!.... every time I see them I am left helpless with laughter... weird and wonderful .well worked out routines and excellent timing."

Dragging comedy backwards" Gary Bushell

"The hardest act I have ever had to follow... imagine Tommy Cooper crossed with Pauline and Arthur Fowler" - Keith Donnelly (one of the country’s top comedians and comedy writers)