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Darryl Edge

Darryl Edge is a 22 year old red headed glasses-wearing human male, with something of a fondness for stand-up.

His observations of the world and his life are mixed with a wonderful stream of consciousness and a playful silliness. His likability on stage and natural talent have seen him win over audiences all over.

Utilising a flipchart to emphasise the nonsense and weirdness of his life and mind, Darryl is certainly leaving a lasting impression.

Currently based in Southampton, with compering experience (he is the resident MC at Short Circuit Comedy), Darryl has performed, opened and headlined gigs across the Hampshire area.

Although he has only been performing comedy for less than three years, Darryl has already gigged alongside the likes of Duncan Oakley, Paul McCaffrey, Jeff Innocent, Yianni, Pat Cahill, Terry Christian, Paul F Taylor, Ivo Graham

He was a Quarter Finalist in the Laughing Horse New Act 2013 competition, and has performed at both the Brighton Fringe (Grandmasters of Giggles) and Nottingham Comedy Festival (Ben Shannon and Friends)

"In his best moments, what he does is inspired... An extremely gifted comedian" - Marc Blake

"Very funny" - Duncan Oakley

"Incredibly endearing and a fantastically talented young comedian" - Short Circuit Comedy

"Brilliant. Really embraces the nonsense." - Pat Cahill