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Bob Fletcher

Bob began doing stand-up in February 2009 at 'My First Gig' where he headlined a bill supported by Robin Ince, Pippa Evans and George Ryegold.

Since then he's performed at dozens of venues including Jester Jesters, Electric Mouse, Up the Creek, Chuckling Mouse, LaughterShock, The Joke Shop and even at Martin Besserman's surreal Monkey Business nights.

In 2011, he took 'Monsters: A History of Villainy' to the Edinburgh Festival. Funded by Coldplay, Richard Curtis, Matt Lucas and the Mayor of Coventry (all true), the show featured an array of top comedian cameos confessing to evil. It even starred the voice of Brian Blessed!

By day, Bob works in Television with writing credits for Jack Whitehall, Miranda Hart and Robert Web led TV shows.

Bob' stand-up style is a quirky mix of honest storytelling, left-field one-liners and interactive games. He electrifies audiences, providing an engaging and enjoyably electrifying experience - which is, in fact, quite unlike the actual sensation of being electrified.


"F**cking great writing! Terrific!" - Brian Blessed