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Ciarán McConnell

Singer, Dancer, Professional Wrestler, Mighty Morphin’ Power Ranger…

So many different career options that Ciarán McConnell could have chosen…. So why did he become a stand-up. First approached by a science teacher (careful!) whilst loitering in a corridor, his subsequent arrival in the stand up world remains unparalleled in terms of life changing experiences up until this point. Once he stepped in to the wacky wonderful world of comedy… his former career choices paled in comparison to this new and amazing path.

Whilst he still harbours dreams of one day climbing between the wrestling ropes… now the stage has become his ring… the microphone his tag team partner... and Stand Up his Championship match.

Happy when others are laughing and with a subtle charm (so subtle most people don’t get it), Ciarán is able to get a laugh even as he walks on to the stage, although the laughter really starts when he opens his mouth.

With a glint in his eye and a grin on his face, Ciarán is at his best when he is making the audience laugh. Whilst still inexperienced in comparison to the more seasoned (and expensive) veterans of the circuit, Ciarán has enough experience with people of all descriptions to work a room in any capacity, act or compere.

What do the people say?
“(Ciarán has) a funny face”- Stephanie Davies, seasoned performer and compere

“(He’s a) genetic freak”- John Bishop, Radio DJ & comedy great

-Runner-up Stand Out Young Comedian of the Year 2005

-Voted most likely to be arrested for stalking somebody St Cuthbert’s Class of 2006/07

Where he’s been-
Citadel Arts Centre (St Helens), Theatre Royal (St Helens), Haydock Park Race course (private function), Royal Court (Liverpool), St Cuthbert’s Auditorium (as Talent Showcase compere), Unity theatre (Liverpool)

TV & Radio Credits-
The Last Laugh (BBC 3), The Bishop’s Sunday Service (w/ John Bishop, Radio City)