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Wendy Ivers

Comedy Quotes
'The show was effortlessly weaved together by the zany banter and effervescence of crazy compere Wendy Jane Ivers' (The Heckler)
'She kicked off the gig, settled the hecklers hash and rattled gags like a Gatling gun. She was fast, furious, filthy, and very, very funny' (The Evening Express)
'Potty mouthed Wendy Ivers soon gets the audience on her side with her jumble sale mini-kilt and a Seaton accent that could strip the salt off a seagull's wings. The sole female contender provokes laughter and embarrassed gasps in equal measures as she rails like a Toddler with Tourette's Throwing a supermarket tantrum.' (The Evening Express)

Comedy Style
Wendy is a natural compere who engages with audiences in a warm, engaging and quick witted way. Her comedy is a stream of consciousness, a continuous confession, a spontaneous story-telling rant revealing some of the most bizarre and frustratingly funny insights, ideas & experiences. Her ludicrous confessions take audiences on a trip into her current state of mind covering topics as diverse as politics & human rights, sweat shops & shoplifting, bikini waxing & pube trimming, drug use & education and whatever else she's been pondering in the run up to the show. Verbal diahorrea has never been so infectious.

Comedy Biography
Wendy reached the semi-final of the Daily Telegraph New Act competition in 2001 having never been on a stage before. Other commitments and a lack of opportunity for comedians in Aberdeen meant it was several years before she would perform again, this time at the J20/Jongleurs last laugh comedy competition in 2004 where she also reached the semi-final. In July 2004 she launched a monthly comedy night at Café Drummonds and compered the event, with professional and local acts, for over two years. In August 2006 Wendy showcased her own unique comedy persona alongside Aberdeen's most promising acts at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. In September 2006 Wendy began hosting, 'Take the Mic,' a weekly open mic night at Snafu with improv games and a wealth of opportunities for budding local comedians.

Related Performances, Film & Radio
Wendy has established herself as a comedian and personality in the North East and often performs at corporate and charity events and occasionally at gigs in other City's.
Wendy is often a guest on John McRuvie's Weekend Breakfast Show on Northsound2 (1035am)
Wendy is a Performance Poet and has been a finalist in several Aberdeen Poetry Slams.
Wendy has PG Diploma in Community Education & a BSc Honours in Health Science and has researched, written and presented several informative, yet humorous, pieces on given topics or subjects for charity and community organisations
Wendy was involved in researching, scripting & producing, 'No Laughing Matter' and, 'Just for Laughs,' documentaries about the comedy scene in Aberdeen.
Wendy starred in, 'The Torcher Parade Parody,' a comedy made for Three Mobiles WePay Popularity Stakes, a national popularity contest she came third in: www.wepaypopularitystakes.co.uk
Wendy is a member of, 'Word Festival Players,' and in May 2007 she is performing, 'The Will o Janet Wishart', a piece she wrote exploring spiritual violence against women and giving voice to the thoughts of a mother condemned for alleged witchcraft in Aberdeen in 1596