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Diamond David
Like a Magican only Cooler!

Diamond Dave started performing Magic in his early teens to everyone and anyone, this quickly led to him establishing himself as an exciting preformer in the area of magic known as 'Close Up'

This quickly led to Diamond Dave performing on one of the biggest cruise liner's in the world 'M/S color fantasy' which sailed from Norway!

It wasn't until the summer of 2007 at the 'House of Illusion' in Spain that Diamond Dave found his true vocation and developed himself as a stand up comedy magician.

Some of the highlights of Diamond Dave's act include making his head grow 5 times its noraml size or taking a borrowed finger ring and making it disappear in a flash of fire right in front of your eyes often with halarious results.,

'With his unquie style of comedy magic and off the wall humour Diamond Dave is a Comedy Magician you'll never forget.....know matter how hard you try!

Diamond Dave...Like a magician only Cooler!