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Jaik Campbell

Jaik wanted to be a comedian at the age of 8, but only first started performing stand-up comedy aged 26, primarily as a way to help him get over his stutter. Jaik found that his stutter gave him a useful source of material when he was first starting out on the London Comedy Circuit.
So far, he has done over 800 gigs and has played venues such as The Comedy Store, Banana Cabaret, Headliners, Amused Moose, The Bearcat, The Comedy Café, Downstairs at the Kings Head, The Hackney Empire and The Chuckle Club, and has performed stand-up on ITV and BBC television. He has also been an Edinburgh Fringe Festival regular since 2001 and performed his first solo show there in 2005.

Television Appearances
ITV's "Blair" (Lawyer) 2007
BBC1's "Leicester Tonight" (Plugging my show!) (2006)
BBC2's "Open All Hours Sitcom Review" (Talking about Arkwright) (2004)
C4's "V Graham Norton" (Paparazzi sketch) (2003)
BBC3's "New Comedy Awards" (2003)
C4's "Garth Marenghi's Darkplace" (Student) (2002)
Final and Heat of ITV's "Stand-up Britain" (2002)
ITV's "Gagging For It" (2002)
ITV's "Take the Mike" (2001)
ITV's "Best of the London Comedy Festival" (2001)

Radio Interviews
Jaik has been interviewed by:
BBC Radio London (2007)
BBC Radio Leicester (2006)
BBC Radio Suffolk (2005)

Edinburgh Fringe Festival Performances
"L-L-Lost for Words - My Life with a Stutter" Laughing Horse at Jekyll & Hyde, 4.05pm - 5.05pm from August 4th-25th (1 man show)

"I've Stuttered so I'll F-F-Finish" at CElectric, C venues, (3rd -29th Aug, 8.20-9.15pm) (1 man show)

"D-D-D-Don't Mention The Disability... ...I did once and it took 15 minutes." at Co2, C venues, (4th -30th Aug, 8.05-9.00pm) (3 man show)

"BIRDS" at Belly Laugh, Smirnoff Underbelly (31st July-24th Aug, 5.30-6.25pm) (4 person show)

"Amused Moose Comedy's Hot Starlets" at Belly Laugh, Smirnoff Underbelly, 3.25-4.20pm (5 person show)

Other Comedy Festivals
Leicester Comedy Festival 2006 & 2007
Guildford Comedy Festival 2001

London Circuit
Jaik is a regular at most of the main London comedy clubs, such as:
The Comedy Store, Banana Cabaret, Headliners, Up The Creek (Greenwich), The Chuckle Club, The Bearcat, The Comedy Cafe, and Downstairs at the Kings Head.

British Stammering Association
Jaik has a good relationship with the British Stammering Association and has performed stand-up comedy and hosted workshops at their 2001, 2005 and 2006 conferences.

In May 2007, Jaik will perform comedy and host 2 workshops at the "8th World Congress for People Who Stutter" in Cavtat, Croatia.

University Shows
Paramount/Off the Kerb University Network (2003 and 2004)
As well as at Imperial, Brunel, Queen Margaret and Middlesex Universities.

Winner of the BSA National Writing Competition (2006)
Finalist in the Hackney Empire New Act of the Year (2004)
Winner of the London Comedy Store's Gong Show (2003)
BBC New Comedy Award London Regional Finalist (2003)
Finalist of ITV's Live "Stand-up Britain" (2002)
Semi-Finalist in the Amused Moose New Act Competition, London (2002)
Finalist in the Laughing Horse New Act Competition, London (2002)
Semi-Finalist in So You Think You're Funny, Edinburgh Fringe Festival (2001)
Winner, Amused & Abused New Act Competition, London (2001)
Finalist in the Hackney Empire All-Stars Talent Contest, London (2001)
Semi-Finalist in Daily Telegraph Open Mic Award (2001)

Jaik has had small background parts in:
D Notice (Mi5 agent) (2007)
Sweeney Todd (Gentleman passer-by) (2007)
Bean 2 (I'm the dead guy!) (2007)
The Other Boleyn Girl (Servant at the ball) (2006)
28 Weeks Later (A civilian being chased by a zombie) (2006)
Run, Fat Boy, Run (One on the front runners) (2006)
Bridget Jones2: The Edge of Reason (Royal Footman) (2004)
Bright Young Things (Hotel Guest) (2004)

National Press Quotes
"Has a smart way with a one-liner. It might take a while to come out, but it is usually worth it" Bruce Dessau, Evening Standard, February 2007

"Check it out, unusual and good fun. Bittersweet pathos and genuine, often brutal honesty" Three Weeks

"A funny man. He can engage with the audience and draw them into his life. A self-deprecating and spontaneous style" one4review.com

"You have to admire the pluck of Jaik Campbell. Comic timing... ...original gags" The List
"You have to admire Jaik Campbell" The Scotsman (Roger Cox)
"Funny comic material, stage presence, audience control" The Stage
"Winning giggles... genuine pathos... instant guilty hilarity" The Scotsman (Jay Richardson)

"Solid, satisfying comedy. Entertaining and occasionally deliciously vicious." Three Weeks

"Gentle and unimposing humour" The Fest (Alisa Mandirigin)

"Effortless charm and sharp wit" Evening Standard (Bruce Dessau)

"A blessed relief." Three Weeks

"Hilarious. First-rate, talented, sweet and funny" The Stage

"A very different but able comedian" Paramount Comedy Website

"Well worth seeing. Affable and talented ****" StandupCom Magazine