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Niall Gildea

While a second-year university student, Niall auditioned for his college’s comedy collective because nobody else intended to and he didn’t want to dismay its members. He was successful, and in January 2007 was in the cast of the acclaimed We Got Chickens! at the Burton Taylor Theatre in Oxford. Never one to rise above a zeitgeist, he followed this up by writing 2008’s Dead Mother Cabaret, a ‘post-traumatic stress extravaganza’ which attempted to combine stand-up, sketch, and musical comedy, in much the same way as some popular television and radio programmes were doing at the time.

Niall also performs stand-up comedy. 2007-08 saw him rack up stand-up and MC performances at Oxford’s Ministry of Mirth student stand-up night and the Oxfringe Festival, as well as support slot at the Free Beer Show. His style mixes outright filth with straight-faced, quasi-philosophical reflections, and comes packaged as a series of unfeasible anecdotes of events which all seem to have happened within a few days of one another; he hopes he’s ever improving, and will at some point rediscover how to write in the first-person.

Critics have exclaimed these things:

We Got Chickens!:

‘Fresh, varied, fast-paced and clever, full of innuendo and mischievous physical comedy… succeeds in continuing to provoke giggles from those who watch it long after the show comes to an end.’ The OxStu

Dead Mother Cabaret:

‘I laughed until my spleen ruptured.’ The Cherwell


‘awkward, risky, and rather exciting.’ The Cherwell