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Robin Cousins



2003 Hackney Empire Finalist
2003 Leicester Comedy Festival New Act Finalist
2003 BBC Semi-Finalist
2003 & 04 Laughing Horse Semi-Finalist
2004 So You Think You're Funny Semi-Finalist
2005 Beat The Frog (Manchester) World Series Finalist

Cousins is finally producing the sort of dependable set that might allow him to move up a rung on the comedy ladder.
It’s the writing that makes the set. Behind that benign smile, his jokes come at an industrious pace.
He takes a whimsical approach to observational comedy, cracking through the material fast enough so it remains inventive, rather than indulgent. It exposes the absurdities he sees in everyday targets from fishing to horse-racing without much dilly-dallying, building up a canon of reliable jokes at a rate that creates a substantial, original set.
(He is) a grafter who has created a substantial body of imaginative gags from a slightly off-kilter point of view. A step up the circuit – or at least a career in writing – surely lies in store.
Chortle (new review)

Robin Cousins got a good response with a largely improvised set, which included a pretend panicked reaction to the presence of a reviewer (yours truly). It was funny, deliberately unstructured stuff and he proudly admitted to only having “two jokes” in his set. “Put that in your review,” he quipped.
Sussex Express

There is also a more imaginative side to some of his material ­ there can't be many comics who mock the names of rivers ­ and he is on firmest ground with the animal-based whimsy that accompanies his material about horse-racing and fishing.
It suggests that he is capable of winkling out comedy from unusual places
Chortle (previous review)

Robin Cousins was the first of 3 acts who had made the journey up from London. He was quick witted & dealt with any heckles in the greatest of ease.
Ribbed Comedy Club Website, Crewe

Robin Cousins was next up, fulfilling my expectations from what I'd read about him previously with some great observational humour, dipping regularly into a wide variety of subjects, all with a slightly surreal, slightly twisted vein (my favourite being the possibility of adopting sharks rather than the typical dolphins). Unafraid to improvise and adapt, enjoyment of his act will inevitably increase with a bigger audience.
Review by Derek OBrien for Manchester Comedy Forum.

With the name of an ice skater and the looks of Hugh Fearnly-Whittingstall's long lost brother, Robin Cousins is one of the least threatening comedians I've seen for a long time.
He did a short set and although it was not a perfect there were some real gems in there and with a little more practice and experience on the stage his act will evolve into something really rather good. Definitely one to watch.
BBC Lincs Website

2005 Edinburgh Show The Big Hair Show (With Juliet Myers and Jonny Morris)

Two 4 Star Reviews In The Scotsman and 3 Weeks.

"First up is Robin Cousins (not the ice skater) whose shambling demeanour conceals a quick wit that he uses to good effect in bouncing off random audience mumblings. His set is varied and original, in a rambling sort of way.
The Scotsman. Act of the night." Frog & Bucket Website (Manchester)

"Enjoyable … Entertaining … Laid back" Time Out, London

Robin Cousins was the next act on. Before you start thinking we’d frozen the stage and enjoyed an evening of ice-skating, it wasn’t THAT Robin Cousins. Looking like the love child of Dylan Moran and Art Garfunkel, Robin oozed self-confidence and worked the stage like he was a natural. Hailing from East Anglia (“old ten fingers, they call me”) he entertained us with some observational comedy and funny stories. And then, before we knew where we were, his time was up
BBC3 Comedy Awards 2003

Contributions From Promoters And Punters To Chortle ’Comedians’ Thread

Cousins really is far too good to be performing at the Smirk.
Why isn't he bigger? I hate having to pick the best / my favourite/ audience seducer of the night... yet you don't really fret too much over it when Robin Cousins agrees very politely to do an open for you.
When I start rebooking he'll be first against the wall... for a six quid headling spot.
Cheers Robin! Hideously talented!

Mr Cousins stepped in at the last minute and did my gig in Billericay last week, not only did he get me out of a tight spot but he made a fairly conservative (with a little and probably also a big "C") audience laugh their socks off.
An excellent 20 minute set which delighted a not always easily pleased crowd.
Tony Cowards

Having read a recent review on Robin i was not sure what to expect; he gigged for me at the Guildhall last night, did the opening 20 and certainly made an impression on me; very laid back, relaxed delivery, some diverse subject material and, most importantly, funny.