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Alan Davies

Alan Davies was driven from an early age to do one of two things; either nothing; or the opposite of what his father wanted. Fortunately, for him these two usually coincided, that is until the Autumn of 1988 when, after graduating in Drama from Kent University and considering the life of an actor, i.e. unemployment, Alan had to amend the former to next-to-nothing, as he had discovered stand-up comedy.

This new career did little to appease his father, which was fine, and for several months, little to appease his bank manager either, not so fine. Both were seduced by power of television. An appearance of LWT's 'First
Exposure', in the summer of 1989 as Alan Balgonie (a name taken from the road he was born in, the option of his mother's maiden name having been snatched away by singer-songwriter and former 'Animal' Alan Price), was a family hit.

Quickly reverting to his real name, he set off on a three month trip across Canada performing at fringe festivals and comedy clubs in Winnipeg, Edmonton, Vancover and Victoria.

The stress and strains of performing for an hour to a room full of bemused Canadians did anything but arrest his development, and on his return, he was good ... within two years he was Time Out's 'Best Young Comic 1991'. Busy demonstrating that a crazed vision is no obstacle to success. He was compared to Eddie lzzard, Ben Elton, Jasper Carrott and Tony Hancock. The nonsense only confused the young star but Julian Clary's comment that "he's got a lovely complexion when you see him close up", kept his feet on the ground.

He worked in Australia, America and Canada again, before appearances on 'Tonight with Jonathan Ross' and numerous other bits of television meant that by the end of 1992 quite a few people knew who he was, and some of his friends stopped ringing because they thought he was famous. Alan has been invading our living rooms again more recently as team leader on the BBC advertising quiz show 'Best Show In The World . . . Probably' and with his hit series 'Jonathan Creek'. Alan is now without doubt one of the hottest properties in comedy today.

"In a class all of his own." - Time Out

"Highly exhilarating." - The Guardian