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Keara Murphy

"Glam and glittery and exudes Glaswegian charm" Scotsman

"A talent for impersonations which is quite outstanding." Evening News

"Effective and talented; her motor-mouth delivery makes Ben Elton look like StephenHawking" Chortle

"Electric stage presence; a genuine delight." Three Weeks

"Comic Genius; she's Eddie Izzard with more make-up and less Glasgow." List

Keara is a comedian, impressionist, actor and writer. She has been performing stand up for eight and a half years. She has brought two solo shows to the Edinburgh Fringe: Silver Scream in 2002 and Travels With My Hip Flask in 2006 and this year she performed her brand new one-woman show, Little Love Affairs (Total sell-out), at the Glasgow Comedy Festival 2007. Keara also founded the comedy club, Hungary for Laughter in Budapest, toured throughout mainland Europe with the comedy improve troupe Scabaret and hosted the HBO television awards.

Keara is also a regular contributor to a number of radio shows including MacAulay and Co. and The Radio Café and is currently the voice of the alcohol campaign for the Scottish Executive: Alcohol: don't push it!

Keara appeared in the BBC1 television sketch show, Velvet Soup, where she plays girlfriend Louise. She also appeared in a documentary on female stand-ups alongside Elaine C Smith and for the past eighteen months has hosted Stash the Cash, for Hollywood TV.

Keara appeared in the films The Best Man, directed by Stefan Schwartz (Shooting Fish) starring Stuart Townsend and Seth Green; and Joy Division, directed by Reg Traviss and starring Ed Stoppard.

Following its total sell-out debut at Miller's Glasgow Comedy Festival, Keara is thrilled to be bringing Little Love Affairs to Fringe 2007.

She will perform Little Love Affairs at The Outhouse, 12A Broughton Street Lane (grid ref C5) from 4-25 August (Not 13th) 19.45-20.45. Free. Non-ticketed. www.freefringe.org.uk

A character-based stand-up show based on the lives of four women who were born on the same day, in the same hospital, in Glasgow. Now in their early forties their lives have taken very different turns however, they share one thing: none of them has been able to find true love. The women have never met, apart from lying side-by-side in incubators as babies and now, when they come together during Denise Robinson's phone-in section on This Morning.

Told through a set of comedy monologues, voice-over, music and song, the ladies catastrophic lives are exposed: Stacey Broon is a bitter pub landlady and sadistic husband beater; Madeleine Morningstar is a failed Vegas stripper; Lady B is the racist and deluded president of a decaying tennis club and Grainia O'Grady is an ungainly and gullible Irish nurse.