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Nathan Webb

Nathan is a Welsh writer, performer and comedian.

He returned to comedy in 2016, and performs an observational style.

He did stand up between 2004-2007 in his 20’s but then settled down for a bit with day job and a family. 

From 2017 - 2019 he ran, promoted and was MC at two monthly student union nights around Cardiff, booking acts from Wales and the South West.   

In 2018 he took his debut show to Edinburgh at the PBH Free Fringe called ‘How to be Happy’, 45 mins over the full run of three weeks based on his own experiences, with a tongue in cheek self help top ten section at the end on how audiences can keep themselves happy.
That did ok, some days it was full, some days no one at all showed up and the most memorable gig was performing to an audience of one, a gentleman from Bermuda who was going home the next day and so really wanted to see it. And he stayed to the end. And didn’t fall asleep.

In 2019 he returned to the Edinburgh with ‘How to be Happier’, this time an hour over three weeks, the tough sequel based on similar themes. This was performed in a slightly bigger room again with PBH Free Fringe but with brand new material and it did ok too.
The smallest audience was three people but some other days there were around 30-40 in and each show was great fun regardless.
In August 2020 he has plans to return to the Edinburgh Fringe and is currently opening, MCing and even closing in smaller venues, as well as working on new material for the show.

Since 2018 he has written and filmed occasionally for the BBC making sketches for their online platform aimed at 18-30’s known as BBC Sesh, with nine sketches to date.

He strives to keep his ego in check, though that’s a bit contradictory since he wrote all of this shameless self-promotion in the third person, still is. I mean, I still was. 

That’s all well and good but what do others say?   

Clubs and Comedians

“Skilled in writing, he’s good and gonna get gooder.” Matt Rees

“A range of accents, sharp observations and clever one liners.”  Swansea Evening Post.
“Engaging and promising with a flair for voices.” Noel James.

"Hilarious and warm, really brought the crowd together." Le Pub's ‘You Might Laugh’, Newport. 

“Superb wordplay delivered in a Welsh accent, what more could one ask for?” Off De Wall(en) Comedy, Amsterdam.

Show Reviews

How to be Happy 2018
“Great show we all thoroughly enjoyed his fast paced show and audience interaction.” – Ann Walters 
“Worth a visit at the Edinburgh Fringe, a great outlook on life. 5 stars.” Kelsey Bilan
“A star is born! Brilliant jokes all the way through.”  – Katrina Copeland 
“Definitely one to watch.” – Sam Walters
“Refreshing, funny, good.” – Margaret McHugh
“We saw Nathan Webb today at Edinburgh Fringe Festival, really enjoyed his show, would recommend it.”  Kelly Lydeamore

“Had us in stitches. Quick paced and relatable. Brilliant for any comedy fan.” Andy Walters 
“A true up n coming comedy talent!! loved his style.” Lee Mark Jones

“Knows how to use his loaf in a pleasing slice of comedy…Definitely worth your time.” The Write Angle.

How to be Happier 2019

“If you can’t be happy all the time be happy for an hour and go see this.” Katie Baird

“Thanks for a great show.” Ali Pendlington

“Brilliant Welsh comedian.” Xavier Jones

“Family friendly laughs with added mantra for living a happy life.” SNS Audio Online

Regular Nights

“Very funny guy would definitely go see him again.” Mel Lindon

 “Quality night, great atmosphere! Would definitely go again!” Josh Garratt