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Eric Shantz

Shantz grew up in a small ghetto town outside of Pittsburgh... his first job was hustling bitches on the streets... he ran a small group of 15 or so women that turned as many as 6 to 8 tricks a night... money was flowing and everything was fine till this one "mark ass mark" rolls up in Shantz's hood with his nine... so to protect his own interests Shantz put three caps in the marks ass to quell the uprising from the rival pimp. It was then that Shantz knew he had to make a change... so he packed up his shit and moved to a little town on the west coast called Los Angeles... the women out there were like pennies... you could pick them up off any floor... and you were lucky whether you got tail or head... more bitches than you can shake a stick at. Shantz now runs the largest organization of whores anyone could ever imagine... he loves what he does and wouldn't change it for the world... just think... it all started by placing tiny little ads in every major market newspaper in the country... it was just that simple!

Shantz's first big push into comedy was on the WDVE Morning Show in Pittsburgh way back in September of "97", where he was sucked into doing a comedy cut. Loved the hell out of it...one week later...he hit open mic night at the Pittsburgh Funny Bone...which helped develop a polished act that slams crowds internationally.

Having performed in clubs, colleges, and casinos from Dublin to New York to L.A. for all types of audiences. Shantz is a veteran of comedy. Today you can find Shantz as an established regular in The Friars of Beverly Hills working with many of todays top comedians. In addition to performing in clubs all over Los Angeles, Shantz produces an array of comedy events. From his days performing with Weird Al in front of 5,000 children and parents to his St. Patricks day parade show extravaganza for 10,000 drunkards. Clean and funny or down and dirty, Shantz can deliver. Even if its standing in front of one person in an elevator, making people laugh is what he loves to do! Whatever the situation Shantz is always on top of his game...