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Joel Ross

Joel began performing in 2004, doing open spots around the north west. He is also an active member of MUCKCOMEDY.COM the Merseyside Uncut Comedy Kollective and is often found at their regular comedy nights around Merseyside and beyond as well as.

It has been said that he looks like a cross between a malnourished Che Guevara and Sideshow Bob from the Simpsons and to cap it all he can sometimes be seen sporting the latest fashion in portable Oxygen Cylinders.

Having been born in March 1970, Joel has always felt cheated that he couldn’t have been a ’60s child... If only his parents had been getting jiggy 4-months prior, he could have been a genuine hippy, promoting flower power, peace and love. But no... he was born in the ’70s a decade which conjours nothing but images of wide collars and even wider ties. A decade when dog poo was white and clothing was brown. A time when Gary Glitter was topping the charts and telly stopped after midnight. Oh how the scars remain. It’s this slightly damaged personality that shows through in his stand up comedy.

This is a man who claims to be a professional "Sufferer". He learnt his suffering at an early age due to a genetic mutation that resulted in his being unable to like or even understand football, despite being born and bred in Liverpool. The loneliness and alienation he suffered as a result during his early years stands him in good stead during his career in comedy.

Joel also suffers from a neurological condition called Cluster Headaches, which gives him daily crippling headaches. This has become a subject close to his heart as he has lived intimately with the condition for the last 20 years. He calls it the Beast and, being a kindly sort the Beast has helped ensure that Joel never goes short of prescription drugs.

It’s a safe bet to assume that Joel’s brain doesn’t quite work in the same way to most other peoples, an this can be seen in his unique approach to stand-up.... It is, however questionable that Joel is the next step in human evolution, no matter how much he claims this to be true!!

Joel is a big fan of live music and is a regular festival goer... But beware!!... Joel does have a number of geekish tendancies... His love of superheros, comics, sci-fi and fantasy are something that he had tried to keep secret.... He nearly succeeded aswell... Until photos of him sporting his favourite Klingon Gimp Mask were found posted up on the internet

Quotes about Joel:

"Laughed.....you've got to be joking"

"Are you trying to be funny!!"