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Vin Sharma


Award-winning Journalist and Broadcaster. Described as the beige Dennis the menace with a lovable cheekiness that gets noticed. Vinay ensures that every interaction and encounter is filled with his trademark sharp wit and bold confidence to ask the questions everyone else is too afraid to ask! Has been seen in independent productions across Channel 5, BBC, Vectone, Britasian, and Cricket World. Talented radio Jock fronting peak Drive time, Breakfast and specialist slots. A curious interest towards social issues and politics which creep into his comedy routines, often in quite a surreal manner of communication. Performs as Vin Sharma as well as character 'The Disgruntled modern Maharajah saan'

"The aim is to stay as real as can be within the unreal reality of how life in our modern times has become. And to be able to make an audience feel every emotion available via the medium of entertainment."


This space could well be sponsored by Pathak pickle for being tangier than mango chutney, or to be culturally diverse, reggae reggae sauce. I likes to jiggle my bits to some rub a dub style reggae, always have and always will. I also like to talk, and scratch my heinee. I have love for music and rhythm, and more than music itself, i like to link it with life and resonate my own sound track playlist for my own daily shenanigans.

I often get into trouble for what i say, but i say what i think. It's only since i got married have i been taught to put some thought into what i say, but i often relapse back into saying it how i think it should be said. It may sound like gibberish to some, but in actual fact, much thought does go into what i say and think. You just have to learn to listen between the lines.

I like to talk to myself, and also talk to other people. I think this is what makes us human, the fact that we can talk to each other, understand, laugh, smile, argue, and then meet somewhere in the middle to get on. We can rationally resolve, we can pre meditate, we can also condition ourselves so far away from being human that we no longer remain human, but become like sheep, or cattle, or reptilian like (for all the snakes out there!!).

I often sit and dream. I sit and dream about yesteryear. I sometimes stand and dream about tomorrow. I very often forget to sit and dream about today, but i get reminded and then i try to live in the moment. My life is filled with frustrations whilst i no longer simply live for myself, but i provide for those who live with me, who share the journey alongside me, willingly, and for me, gratefully.

I love super heroes. More than the heroes i love the relationship they have with their villains. My favourite super hero is difficult to narrow down. My favourite villain however is 'The Joker'. My favourite line is, "Why so serious?!"

My hobbies involve acting my shoe size and not my age. I learn this from kids, as they seem to have gotten it all right and we as conformed adults seem to have it all wrong! I remember the innocent world of being a kid, and i recall the fun and laughter had! I try to relive this as much as possible through daily life.

I have been attached many labels: Journalist, Broadcaster, Writer, Comedian, Wannabe thespian, Daddy, Husband, Son, Brother, wannabe Rastafarian, Hippy at heart, Dreamer.......i simply just am.

The aim is to stay as real as can be within the unreal reality of how life in our modern times has become. And to be able to make an audience feel every emotion available via the medium of entertainment.


"The Asian 'Dennis the menace' with a loveable cheekiness that gets noticed!"

"There is something very genuine about this guy, something that is lacking within the industry! He will go far!"

"Vin Sharma is a great personality and an up and coming media genius in the making!"

"What the hell is this guy on!!!"