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Michael Kossew

Michael Kossew is a UK-based, South African-born Jewish comedian currently rising through the ranks of UK the comedy scene exploring the darker side of hilarity. 

Shocking and delighting audiences in equal measure, his affable stage presence wildly contrasts with his controversial and cerebral material. Michael received a ★★★★ review for his most recent Edinburgh show, ‘Nothing to Lose’, which declared that “In a sea of comics claiming to be controversial, this is the real deal. Defiantly different. Absolutely disgusting. I loved it.”

Michael has a solid 20 minutes of material that he regularly performs around the UK and is comfortable opening, MC'ing, middling and closing smaller nights. He occasionally MCs and always drives. 

Some quotes:
"A staggeringly original act" - Adam Bloom
"You're going to get laid a lot with material like that" - JokeKlub
"Defiantly different. Absolutely disgusting. I loved it" - ★★★★ FringeGuru 

Michael has performed at the following venues:
The Comedy Store, London and Manchester, The Stand, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Newcastle, Jongleurs, Highlight, Komedia, CKP, Hilarity Bites, Joke Klub, Top Secret Comedy Club, Laughing Jaabs, Badkat Comedy, The Good Ship Comedy, Funhouse and various paid Mirth Control gigs. 
And loves performing at festivals around the UK

Barcelona International Comedy Festival (Invite) - 2009, 2010, 2011, Edinburgh - 2011 ('Nothing to Lose'), Brighton 2012 ('Nothing to Lose: Redux'), Endorse-It Festival - 2010, Blissfields - 2011, Lounge on the Farm - 2011, Brownstock - 2011

Link to a recent set from The Stand - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=67yn-02EM24