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Pearse James

Not along after signing up to some weird thing called 'Twitter',  Pearse, hailing originally form Cork, Ireland but now a full time resident of Glasgow, saw a retweet by a comedy promoter looking for complete beginners to attempt their first stand up at a special night called 'My First Gig' at the Fringe. Pearse survived his first gig admirably and got high compliments from the established comedians present including Carl Donnelly and Trevor Locke.

Happily chipping away at open spot nights in Glasgow for the next few months, Pearse began to embrace the Scottish Comedy scene. After sending in a video of his second gig at The Stand to the Take the Mic competition, he was suddenly centre stage at the Inverness regional final. Though only his 9th gig, and with established competitors including the Scottish Comedian of the Year 2009, John Gavin, Pearse walked off with the top prize and was through to the Grand Final in Edinburgh.

Pearse got his first taste of a Fringe show only 12 months after taking to the mic for the first time. Competing for a week along side the established Scottish Comedy elite like Scott Agnew, John Scott (the eventual winner), Mikey Adams, Gus Tawse and the How do I get up there? Sketch troop, Pearse grew his comedy balls fast, performing to 100+ people most nights. 

The O'Halloran was soon dropped in favour of the more poster friendly 'Pearse James' as Pearse's comedy persona began to form its shape. 

Pearse James is taking on his first full Fringe show called 'Freesome', where he will showcase up and coming talent from Scotland and beyond.

Pearse is also the Scottish champion of the Amused Moose Laugh Off 2011 and will perform in the Grand Final in August.

"..an engaging presence and delivered a well honed, crafted and confident set...  mark him down as one to watch in the future." - one4review