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The Logan Twins

Modern, fast, very funny...and down right rude!.

Just in their 30's, The Logan Twins already have plenty of years experience s performers and possess an obscene amount of stage presence and charisma, as demonstrated by the raucous applause whenever they perform.

New on the scene as a double act, The Logan Twins have many a diverse range of shows up their sleeve's with which to engage an audience of any size, age (although adult shows preferred) and stature. With their irresistible views on the world that we live in, you will find it impossible not to laugh out loud as they take you through life as they see it.

Stuart has previously worked on many acting jobs, creating diverse roles for a murder mystery company; through this he built up a strong confidence to perform to large crowds and the ability to think on the spot when keeping people entertained.

Andy has - to his knowledge - ALWAYS been a performer and is lapping up the opportunity to finally transfer his boundless energy onto stage with great profesionalism and enthusiasm on each performance.

In recent months, local comedy clubs on the South Coast have had the pleasure of hosting The Logan Twins and their unique style of comedy, and in doing so, the duo have earned rave reviews.

As a sign of their mass appeal the Twins have, in a very short space of time, become much sought after in the corporate and entertainment market all over the country, and, indeed, have recently been traveling far and wide to headline for major companies.

Their most recent bookings include a charity function for Children In Need and an invite to perform on stage at various London comedy clubs.

They truly are the Next Big Thing in stand up comedy, so don't miss your chance to catch them in action, and be able to say in years to come that when Stu and Andy first hit the big time - you were one of the first to see them!

The Logan Twins - So Funny, They Should Be Illegal....