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Jez Brown

JEZ BROWN specialises in earworms.

Catchy, irritable and inclined to get in your ear, Jez is a triple threat.

Jez's bittersweet self deprecation and surprisingly angelic delivery bely the candid satire of his musings and lyrics. Songs such as "Bum the puppies", "Spacequeers and Mooncat" and "Bum the puppies (reprise)" tackling politics and major social issues.

Jez's acerbic wit has been on radio and television in New Zealand since 1998, gracing the stages of the New Zealand International Comedy Festival in 2011 and 2013.

Jez has taken advantage of his father being born on the Welsh border and kidnapped as a child to move to the UK from New Zealand with a fully legal backdoor passport.

Finished 2nd in the Wellington Raw Comedy Quest Final two years running to people who actually went on to be famous 2008-2009

Began gimping - 2014-present

Wrote and hosted satirical political chat show "The Brown Show", 27 episodes - (2012-2013)

Hosted and wrote for variety show COW TV three nights a week on CH9, the brainchild behind popular segments "Pimp my box", "Fort building club" and "Cow COPS" - 2006-2007

Released comedy Christmas albums under the guise of SLEIGHER "10 tips: For filling your stocking with festive self loving" (2001), "The best gifts are the ones you make yourself" (2002) and "Double dong merrily along" (2004).

Wrote Star Wars Parody "Attack of the hormones" for "The Nana Squad" (2001), produced and directed video (2008)

Breakfast host - Radio Control (NZ) - 2000-2004

Drive show host - Radio One (NZ) - 2005-2007

Went off to sell his soul, working behind the scenes in political news media around the world - 2008-present