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A fantastic duo, these will have such a wide appeal – Johnnie Coppin Folk Roots BBC Radio

An evening of RIOTously funny original songs, monologues and sketches loosely based around the British saucy seaside postcards of the 40's, 50's and 1960's.

It is written and performed by ‘Stoolpigeon' who recently won BBC Radio’s Folk Quest 2007 performing these songs.

 This reflection of the postcards of the era is a hilarious & entertaining evening featuring songs of attractive women, fat old ladies, Vicars, Nuns and drunken middle aged men in compromising situations.

Comedy sessions :
Old joint stock theatre, Birmingham
Laurel and hardy International Convention (Sons of the desert)
Saul Music Festival
Burntwood, Staffs, Music Festival
Radio WCR FM, Wolverhampton
BBC Radio Gloucester
Birmingham Comedy festival 2008
Birmingham Comedy festival 2009

and finally:
‘A hilarious musical breath of fresh air’ – Jason Forrest – Wolverhampton radio WCR FM.
‘Flanders and Swann meet the McGill Seaside Postcard!!’ Ian Craddock – Manager - Old Joint Stock Theatre, Birmingham
They brought the house down’ John Ullah (Grand Sheikh – Sons of the desert- LAUREL AND HARDY society)