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Allan Miller

"A deranged, sex-obsessed, headcase of a showman" Stage

The prodigal son of Scottish comedy, Allan Miller may have matured as a performer, but never as an adult.

A cult hit from his very first appearance in 1996, Allan has had a massive impact on the stand-up scene, leaving a trail of spellbound audiences and sparkling reviews in his wake. A true original, he has appeared at some of the biggest venues in Britain, proving time and again that while there are no depths he can't plunder with his material there are no heights he can't scale with his act.

After making his name as long-standing host of hugely popular "Pint Sized Comedy" at the The Stand, Allan became a massively successful headline act in his own right, culminating in his critically-acclaimed solo Edinburgh Fringe debut in 1999, "Balinese Shadow Porn". With his popular blend of high class one-liners, low class smut and no class tuxedos, Allan never fails to make a big impression and leave audiences marvelling at his audacious attempts to push back the boundaries of good taste with his pile-driver of a personality. "Miller's seemingly barely-in-control- of-himself persona is as dangerously compulsive as his rantings ricochet between decency, comedy, outrage and hilarity" Guardian.

Behind the manic energy lies a deceptively sharp comic mind and a total mastery of the art of stand-up. Allan's instinctive knowledge of comedy has seen him acting most recently as a BBC script editor on a number of high profile TV series, including "Velvet Soup" (BBC2 and BBC Radio Scotland), and cutting-edge comedy shows such as "Revolver" and "Weirdsville" (BBC Choice). Following these successes, Allan was asked by the BBC to spend the 2001 Edinburgh Festival researching and assessing the best performers on the Fringe for "Edinburgh Nights".

Allan Miller is "one of the most innovative comics to come out of anywhere" Scotsman