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Denny Do Well

Hi. I'm Denny Terrell, but my comedy name is DENNY DO WELL - it is based on a Bruce Forsythe catchphrase.

I love the unpredictable world of stand up comedy. The standing up bit is easy... but making people laugh - (or just groan) is the best and most rewarding part. 

Many years of making sarcastic remarks on the mic as a DJ. gave me the confidence to banter with people and tell stupid jokes (if you're not happy and you know it - don't clap your hands) but whilst it can sometimes be "frowned upon" for the DJ to be a bit cheeky at a wedding reception, it is perfectly acceptable at a comedy gig!

I play guitar in my act, and if inspired can sometimes make up a song about someone in the audience.     I also use pictures and silly props. I present a clean family friendly act with a confident warm smile.

My regular gigs have included ONE FOOT IN THE GROVE and the POW comedy club in South Wimbledon hosted by Bob "Walshy" Walsh. The COMEDY CAFE, The CAVENDISH ARMS in Stockwell, and many more venues around London with COMEDYBIN, WHITE SOCK, HOME B4 MIDNIGHT LIONS DEN and JOKECLUB.
TV appearances: DON'T STOP ME NOW on Sky TV and DINNER DATE on ITV1

I also write comedy sketches and songs. Take a look at Mobile phone (enough already) by Agrophonia.