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Dan Thomas

Not content with an MBA and a successful career in advertising, British comedian Dan Thomas did one of his first gigs on ITV's "Take the Mike" and just knew in his heart that a career in stand up comedy, with its tens of pounds in potential earnings, beckoned.

Five years later he is a popular fixture on the international comedy circuit, a published illustrator and a short film-maker. Dan describes himself as the unlikely combination of looking squeaky clean with the mind of an unwashed loo on speed, while his critics have reviewed him as "Hugely entertaining" (funny.co.uk) and "Brilliant" (Capital FM London). Dan is a comedy compere and feature act with a fun political and social edge that has kept him returning as a popular favourite with comedy audiences from as far a field as Bahrain to Ibiza, from Glasgow to Sydney. It’s this personable style that led him to host Channel 4's “Man VS Cartoon” pilot in 2005.

Dan was picked as providing one of the most memorable comedy moments of 2005 by London’s famous 'Time Out' magazine: "Dan Thomas stripped off to underpants, giving the rest of his clothes to a woman in the front row who'd complained of feeling cold. Then he performed an ABBA medley about the Israeli/Arab conflict." (Dec 2005)

In August 2006 Dan will be taking his first full hour show to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival; an all-singing, part-dancing one-man spectacle-acular entitled "WEST SIDE TORY - Ben Elton – The Musical".

Dan has also worked as a warm up artiste for several shows including Deal or No Deal (Endemol)

Welsh stand-up comic Dan Thomas is a rare prize - a genuinely quick-witted, slightly camp motormouth with a delicious sense of the naughty. This is his second Australian tour, the first as the husband of Australian comedy blue-blood Lady Julia Morris. You might think her whirling girlish high heels would pose a challenge, but Thomas skips around the stage, taking the audience on a high-octane, satirical tour of the UK, Australia and the USA, like a man who might actually be too comfortable in them. Thomas delivers a cocktail of silly on the rocks, charming and devilishly cheeky, sellotaped together with a range of daft accents and the biggest smile west of Texas. Surely this man is destined for a career in front of the camera? Better yet, a husband-and-wife talk show. The laughs come very easily - no small feat in a comedy festival which taps a broad range of palates - and Thomas pumps the room with an infectious sense of fun, serving punchlines into the crowd faster than a Swede at Wimbledon. The whisper on the night was that Thomas is penning a musical about Ben Elton for Edinburgh’s Fringe Festival in August. If tonight’s performance is the tip of the iceberg, then make sure you pack a life-jacket. And book a double seat for the main act. - Michael Idato, Sydney Morning Herald, April 2006