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Psycho Dave (AKA Dave Benjamin Fellows)

Psycho Dave (AKA Dave Fellows) and his Stuffed Mum (AKA The Stiff in the Wheelchair) first hit the comedy stage in 1999. Based in Briton Ferry, a little town just outside Swansea (Yes, he's Welsh), this comedian likes to describe his on-stage alter-ego as a lovable serial killer - He has the appearance of a Victorian Rat-Catcher, complete with a dead rat perched on each shoulder - his Mum, who just happens to be dead, accompanies him on-stage in the aforementioned wheelchair (Please Note: this is not his real dead mother, just a facsimile of her). The humour is dark, yet jovial. Ideal for Halloween gigs and Children's Parties (or maybe not). He will regale you with strange, and often surreal, tales - He also has a big stick with a Knob on the end - occasionally he may outstretch this stick into the audience, and invite them to touch his knob.

Dave Fellows has done many things, some of which he is not proud of (such as playing the role of the Ghost of Dylan Thomas in an independent Welsh movie) - And some of which he is proud of (such as playing the man in the pink towel, in the Brothel Scene of the movie "Twin Town"). He has appeared, as Psycho Dave, on the ITV Show "Take The Mike" (the episode with Malcolm Hardee) - He has written and presented his own radio show "The Bizarro World Of Psycho Dave", for local radio. In 2007 he was one of the four winners of Channel 4's "Gags To Go" Competition, for writers of comedy for New Media - this resulted in you being able to download a minute clip of Psycho Dave's stand-up routine to your mobile phone from the Channel 4 Website - and also gave him the opportunity to co-write Channel 4's first on-line sketch podcast "The Paranoia Show". Dave has also written sketches for the Comedy Unit's (Glasgow) live and on-line sketch shows.

Although Dave and his Stuffed Mum have performed a number of Headlining Gigs, he is now offering his services for 20 - 25 minute spots.

Recently, Dave introduced a new character to his repertoire: Artimis North Hyphen Walian (with a W) - who was a potential Green Party Candidate, but after being asked to leave the party, is now the leader of his own party: the United Kingdom Radical Alternative Party (UKRAP).

For examples of his work, just put the key words "Psycho Dave Fellows" into Youtube's search engine.