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Jonathan the Jester

"The Wonder boy of politics!" Andre Vincent.

A mixture of Stand Up and Circus Jonathan the Jester is an accomplished alternative act with a very aggressive in your face kind of style. Jonathan is a member of the National Guild of Jesters, is the official Jester to the City of Salisbury and has won several awards including European Jester of the Year 1999. His show has something for all tastes and developing intellects which makes him ideal for audiences of diverse ages.

"Just because I'm accessable, it doesn't mean my show isn't art!"

Over the last 5 years Jonathan has won acclaim all over Europe for his innovative style using traditional props. His show normally features topical jokes thrown inbetween astonishing feats, using a 7ft Unicycle, balancing on a freestanding ladder, juggling with knives or fire and globe walking. While doing this he talks to the audience with a routine which turns modern stereotypes completely on their head and attacks contemporary prejudices (we all have them).

Able to perform in the most chaotic of environments, (those years busking have really paid off,) Jonathan can comfortably hold an audience for well over an hour. Jonathan can even handle teenagers with consumate ease.

His influences are Andre Vincent, Ian Cognito, Rick Mayal, Jim Carey, Rex Boyd, Ade Edmonson etc etc.

Jonathan has performed at many comdy clubs including The Fez, The Comedy Forum, The Brightside, Jesters Bristol, Comedy Cafe etc. He has also performed at arts centres, festivals, weddings, outdoor events, holiday clubs etc. He has made many television appearences, most recently on Children in Need in Nov 2002 with his antics in the city of Southampton.

Heres what the critics have to say:

"Jonathan the Jester put in a quite superb appearence which involved juggling, unicycling and even ladder walking with attitude. This guy is a great pro who should clean up in the corporate market with his hilarious and fun filled performances." Mark Ritchie The Stage & Television.

"...innovative ... The worlds funniest man." The Salisbury Journal.

"Daft, likeable and often adventurous." Blam!