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George Rigden


"Rigden is the result of a genetic mash-up between Mitch Benn and Tim Key, perhaps with a few strands of Ricky Gervais's DNA thrown in...Very Funny Stuff." - Steve Bennett, Chortle

Rigden’s musical comedy is deliciously dark...he is very good at working the crowd and of all tonight’s acts he probably made the biggest impression." - Bruce Dessau, beyond the joke

'George Rigden had the audience in his hands thanks to some great comedic timing, a little help from his guitar and a hint of David Mitchell in Peep Show' - Leicester Mercury

AAA Stand up late 2015 at the Pleasance Courtyard
FINALIST - Laughing Horse New Act of the year (2014)
FINALIST - Magners New Comedy Act (2015)
3RD PLACE - Newbury 'You Must Be Joking' new act of the year (2015)
FINALIST - Bath New Act of the year (2015)
FINALIST - Brighton Squawker new act of the year (2014)