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Dave Zonk as Grisha from Siberia

"Everything Borat wants to be like but isn't" - The official spokesman of the Siberian government.

"I've never seen such a good humour but such a bad taste in clothes" - Jean - Paul Gautier.

"We had no better place to go to on Saturday night to so we ended up at Tesco Metro Selhurst and watched this bloke winning their new talent show and he was absolutely hilarious. My wife and I got ourselves a Tesco club card thanks to him" - Garry and Michelle Smiley, Selhurst.

Emerging just over two years ago directly from the sausage factory in Selhurst where he was working at as a food technician (filling the sausages up with offal), Grisha decided to take to the stage his bold observations spiced with wacky comments and surreal stories about his hometown back in Siberia and his deranged family who are "All fishermen but fish only shoes".

He won the Russian reality TV Show - 'I'm a celebrity, Please leave me here !' about four years ago when the show took place in the UK, and was awarded the grand prize - a chance to be in Britain …and never to come back until he makes a name for himself in British showbiz.

Determined with that idea in his head, he began working in any job he could. Including selling the 'Metro' Newspaper (which is usually free, but Americans don't know that) and then finally landing a proper job in the Sausage Factory.

He had flashes of Success after winning the Comedy Café new act night on Wednesdays in 2004 and 2005.
A finalist for five times at the Gong Show at the comedy store in 2003 and 2004,
His high-energy performance and sharp observations mixed with a genuinely wacky stage persona made his shows a big hit on the Manchester scene, doing excellent supports at the Iguana Bar, XS Malarkey, Coach Load of Comedy and the Innocent Criminals, alongside popular comedy nights in London such as - the Bathhouse, Upstairs at the Queen's Head, Mirth Control, The Aardvark (Headliner), Pear Shaped in Fitzrovia, Ha Bloody Ha, Comedy Store, The Throat Comedy club, The Comedy Candy, Chuckle Club, Bohemian Voices, The Brew House, Bright Young things at the Mac Bar Camden, Falling down with Laughter, Upstairs at the old Parr, Downstairs at the King's Head, the Troy Club and more.
Also Barnstormers Comedy in Lewes, the Comedy Bar in Fareham, Oi Oi in Eastbourne and the Comedy Box and Komedia in Brighton.

David Zonk, the creator of 'Grisha' is an experienced Stand-up and Sketch writer from Israel. When not doing 'Grisha', he likes to play music and promote his new comedy club opened in January 2006 - The Comicasa in London's Earl's Court.

Quarter Finalist - Laughing Horst competition 2006
Finalist - 'You must be Joking competition' Newbury 2005
Winner - New act night Comedy Café 2005
Winner - New act night Comedy Café 2004
Finalist - King Gong Show Comedy Store - 2004 / 2003

Lost Reality - Comedy Lab on Channel 4, various roles. new sketch show produced by Monkey Kingdom 2006
The Eli Yatzpan Show - Sketch show for Israel's channel 2, various roles. 2002
The Kamerit five - Sketch show for Israel's channel 2, various roles. 2001
The Southern Beach - Comedy series for Israel's channel 2, Police officer.2001