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Mac Star

Whether you want a musical comedian or a straight stand up comedian, Mac Star is the man for you.

He has talent in abundance.
He sings professionally in a Jamiroquai tribute band.
He writes music and has penned scores for small screen productions.
He acts and has been in many movie, television and video productions.
He has performed as a male stripper.
He has worked with and met many of the worlds most amazing people.
He has a laugh that could be used as a weapon.

Gritty and determined Mac has the ability to describe images that will give you a glimpse of his past, present and what he would like his future to be. - L.A. Journal

With no holds barred Mac is guaranteed to have you laughing for the whole night. His stories about being arrested whilst on stage are unmissable and his talent as a musician make sure that he caters for all audiences. - Sydney Herald

Mac Spent 2 minutes shocking us into silence and the next 48 minutes proving how much we really love him. - The Comedy Guild

A dream to listen to, what an accent, its like heaven but funnier. - Las Vegas Sun

He is quick, funny and has a great confidence, he commands the stage with every performance, tells it like it is and leaves no comedy avenue un-explored. - Chicago Tribune

Mac Star owner of Capital Comedy Ltd. The largest independent comedy company in Scotland, provides a laugh a minute roller coaster ride into God knows, but its very funny to go for the ride. - The Boston Globe

Totally in control of any situation - The Washington Times

Bounded onto the stage… arrogant swagger with confidence abound… rattled through gags with tireless energy… taught the other comedians a lesson on how to stay the right side of offensive. - Edinburgh Evening News

Mac Star got things off to a roaring start… great interaction with the audience… was a real hit and throughout the evening… his wild tangents and observations kept us all laughing hard… his usual shockingly funny self… highlights were when he brought out his guitar for some offensive but laugh-inducing songs and initiating audience participation antics by getting us to impersonate horses, kangaroos and puffins!… that the audience were laughing so hard probably says as much about us as him!…at the end of the night, Mac gave us all one more good laugh with a song… definitely a show-stopping number! - Orkney Today

Star is an engaging, upfront performer who tells his tale with passionate conviction that stops just short of messianic fervour… turns his sense of the ridiculous into a fine comedy performance… deserves a wider audience… deserves to be seen. - Edinburgh Guide

Mac Star had literally begun to lose his voice after 36 hours as compere… - bbc.co.uk

Mac makes his debut wearing a hat that would make him difficult to pick out in any police line up… I’m not sure why but it triggers a series of silly jokes that run for the rest of the evening… Mac has an affable way about him… A fine debut and an interesting name… - ootb.co.uk

A mixture of blatant humour and serious truths… he does waver between comedy and tragedy… there is no doubt this guy has a great comedic talent, as his ability to go off at random tangents and engage his audience produces more than enough laughs - threeweeks.co.uk

What an amazing and inventive comedian… blasted the audience into submission… warm but authoritative machine gun delivery… He won the audience over immediately and held them in his control for the entire set… He seemed to enjoy taking the audience to the very edge...and then bringing them back to a wall of approval and laughter… A truly wonderful, intelligent and charismatic performer… A well-deserved ovation at the end… outrageous but delivered with such warmth. - Black Cat Comedy

Mac Star, part performer, part workshop leader… seemed to tell all and say nothing at the same time… relentless cheeriness… more Carry On than Casualty… a good dose of sentimentality… He's a fairly engaging, speedy performer… powerful, darkly humorous. - chortle.co.uk

He spends the whole hour on the brink of tears. - The Scotsman

“if Mac can write jokes this good, he should be writing for TV“. - Dara O’Brian