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Dangerous T

Some People say I'm living Legend

Some people say I'm genius, some say I'm brilliant some say I'm great

I say > no < I'm cutting edge

hilarious funny on stage

new fresh way of doing stand up comedy like you'venever seen before

2 style of stand up comedy I do club comedy and alternative comedy

perform at the chortle fast fringe
,banana Cabaret comedy club

Is fast becoming an audience favourite in London and 'the ONE TO WATCH' and great stage presence quickly made his mark on the stand-up scene and quick-witted, cheeky, personable style, and his observational humour is energetic, surreal observation and direct and with a natural stage presence you will simply would never get bored of his brilliant comedic talents and 'Will keep you laughing and begging for more ,“A unique and engaging comic voice that has the potential to go very far indeed and has the ability to send the room into hysterics with nothing more than a subtle glance and has a gift for storytelling and often recounts his past experiences on stage and His performance can shift from deadpan to loud and physical. then transferred her skills from character comedy to straight stand up and quickly became successful and has performed at all the main London comedy clubs has a fantastic play on words within his performance