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Joshua Seigal

Joshua Seigal is a comedic poet. He performs regularly around the London spoken word and comedy circuits, and recently performed the ONLY CHILDREN'S POETRY SHOW at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. This was entitled 'We All Love Llamas!'. The reception he got whilst flyering on Edinburgh's Royal Mile with his woolly llama convinced Joshua that we all do, indeed, love llamas!

Joshua regularly performs his poetry and runs workshops in schools, and is currently working on a book of poetry for children. He has had poems published in magazines and journals such as New Leaf, Iota, Pen Pusher, Popshot and The Delinquent.

Things People Have Said

"Seigal is a capable, confident performer – leaping and bounding around so that he’s interesting to watch, as well as listen to." Three Weeks

"Hearing a room full of excitable children scream "Yab!" at the top of their lungs is a fairly surreal experience, but in the hands of Joshua Seigal it all seems to make perfect sense." The Scotsman

“What the hell does “Yab!” mean anyway?” Confused child

"Our mini reviewers loved the show, especially when Joshua incorporated their names into one of his poems - that was a great touch! With fantastic enthusiasm and great poetry, Joshua Seigal certainly delivers. Go see him, he will make your kids look at poetry in a different light, and will make them leave his show with a smile on their face and new words like yab and Ooshus Magooshus in their vocabulary!" Kidding Around Edinburgh

"no.1 festival pick" Kidding Around Edinburgh


Two Poems

The Naughty Chair
If you look in the corner
Jim’s sat over there
With his face to the wall,
On The Naughty Chair.
Over there in the corner
Is where Jim’s sat,
For he weed  on the carpet
And blamed the cat.

It was a good story,
You can’t fault him for trying,
But his parents discovered
That young Jim has been lying:
His scandalous tale
Fell rather flat,
For Jim’s family don’t
Even own a cat.


Then and Now

My pet has changed
a lot lately.
It was a
duck-billed platypus,
now it’s a
truck-killed flatypus.