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Bachman and Evans

James Bachman and Mark Evans started working together when Mark was offered five hundred pounds to write treatments for a Spice Girl cartoon series and rang James to ask him if he'd like to give him a hand because he couldn't write and stare longingly at pictures of Geri Halliwell at the same time. The series never happened, and the man who hired them mysteriously ran away and never spoke to them again, but it was just the springboard they needed to attain mild success as writers the world over (i.e. Britain).

Since that auspicious day they have worked non-stop and contributed to the downfall of almost every show they have worked on. Evidence:

The Jack Docherty Show (cancelled)
Casting Couch with Mel and Sue (not recommissioned)
Rhona (no second series)
The 11 O'Clock Show (cancelled)
Twentieth Century Stuff (just absolutely rubbish)
Me Tarzan, You Jane (never even got made)

Of course none of this was their fault, because they've also worked on a number of other programmes that have been staggeringly successful such as Slap Bang with Ant and Dec, The Richard Blackwood Show, Armstrong and Miller, The Priory and all three series of The Very World of Milton Jones. They just thought you might be amused by the coincidence.

At present their writing muscles are being exercised in the arena of sitcom, where they have recently taken on a new project for Richard Blackwood called Ed Stone is Dead, a highly irreligious French/English cartoon series called Popeman, and a tiger.

Last year saw their debut Edinburgh show, Hmm..., receive rave reviews and a commission for a pilot from Absolutely Productions, and they will return again in 2002 with something as good if not better, yet always different.