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Erika Benning

"Really great material – I can see her appearing on tv and radio shows in the coming. You can’t help but warm to her and her improv material was excellent." - Martin Mullaney, promoter of the Cheeky Monkey coemdy club

Hailing from Milton Keynes, new town of roundabouts and questionable cows, Erika is fairly new to stand-up and is busy enjoying the experience. Her stories, punctuated by well-crafted observational gags, are clever and crowd-pleasing. Fortunately, she is willing to make a fool of herself at any given time and frequently does.

In April 2014 she made the final of the King Gong at The Comedy Store, Manchester.

Nice things people have said: '... sassy, saucy and is sure to add just the right amount of 'naughty' to the evening!' Paul Revill, Castle Comedy.

'One of the best new acts I have seen for ages' Jim Smallman

'The funniest woman in Milton Keynes' a punter at a gig she once did

Performed at:
Comedy Store Manchester (King Going Finalist)
The Comedy Cow
JAM Comedy (MC)
Castle Comedy
Cheeky Monkey Comedy
Duffy's Comedy
Dashwood Comedy
McNeil and Pamphilon Go 8-Bit
Knightmare Live - Level 2
Mirth Control (MC and Open spots)
Monkey Business (Saturday)
Glee Birmingham
London Calling
That Thing in Islington
The Hysterical Quality Assortment (MC, Leicester Comedy Fest and Edinburgh Fringe)
Dr Sicko's Comedy Vomit (Edinburgh Fringe)
Single Comedians (MC and Spots, Edinburgh Fringe)
Up Next (Edinburgh Fringe)
Luton Comedy
POD Comedy