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John Flint

"quick-fire delivery...had the audience helpless with laughter" Scotsman

If you think it is impossible to get massive laughs out of socio-political observations, just wait until you see John Flint. Yet unlike many other social satirists, this politics graduate and trained teacher never lets a political statement get in the way of a great gag.

An obvious talent from his very first gig, John went from working as an open spot in 1997 to headlining clubs and a major Edinburgh Fringe show within the space of a year. Having risen to the top in his native Scotland, he is now branching out and taking his comedy south of the border, playing to appreciative audiences in Liverpool, Manchester and elsewhere throughout the north of England.

Although informed by his political interests and studies, John¹s act revolves around pin-point social observations that have a relevance and resonance in all our lives. Rare amongst modern comics, his relaxed, confident style is matched by real substance in his material. Few comics these days are quite so adept at getting audiences laughing whilst making them think - but it is a talent that John has honed to perfection. This is because laughter is always his primary aim. Any political points or social comments are secondary - but not entirely coincidental.

Always intelligent, but never too clever, ironic but rarely sarcastic, John creates scorching hot gags from bright sparks of comic invention. In addition to his live work, his talents as a comic writer have been snapped up by Scottish-based arts and events magazine The List, BBC Radio Scotland and cult comedy series Velvet Cabaret.

A thinking man's comedian in a drinking man's world, John Flint successfully bridges the gap between political comedy and popular comedy to create an act to suit a multitude of tastes.