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Tamika Campbell

Some say that a person is the sum of their experiences. However, this does        relatively little to explain why Tamika is so damn funny. The oldest of eight children, born and raised in a religious sect in deepest darkest Brooklyn, life was pretty much shit right from the get-go.
Tamika is a tour de force comedian who takes no prisoners, offering her very own take, and very funny perspective on life, the universe and everything (especially men!)

Quotes –
Very Funny – Alexanders

Tamika Campbell is a fizzing ball of New York energy and rage. She talks as fast and as furious as Joan Rivers, and has a fierce attitude to match – Chortle
She was incredibly funny and straight-to-the-point with no remorse, which is quite original for a lady, - The National Student

Live Work - Mr Cee’s, Alexanders, Leicester Square Theatre, Joke Klub, Havant Comedy Club, and various venues in Germany

Tamika is fluent in German and English. She also speaks Arabic and Hindi. She spends her time between the UK and Germany.

Video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zfi3Ginui5I