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Brian Archer

Step right up folks! As you peek into the big top, you will not be able to resist the temptation to laugh! You will be astounded and amazed by this human curiosity, which stands before you and delivers his lines with expert timing!

Brian Archer is unpredictable and teeters on the edge of absurdity! Who needs a rodeo clown, when you can have a one and a half-armed comedian with a target audience of 18 to 65! That is 18 to 65 years of age, not the number of arms in an audience.

Brian grew up wearing a hook, which cost him a prom date, but made a great beer can crusher! Brian stopped wearing it long ago, however, after a minor case of jock itch. Growing up with a manic-depressive parent also adds to this wonderful excitement!

Now throw in a case of attention deficit disorder, and a bag full of traumatic life enhancing experiences, and you've got a party! Brian shares his life, the good along with the bad, and makes us all feel better about ourselves through his humor.

Brian is a big fan of the old traveling sideshow, and it shows. His unique "hand gestures" will leave you howling in the aisles! Sometimes bold, and sometimes brittle, but always hilarious! The dysfunctional truth has never been this funny!

That's right, laugh it up kiddies. It's like blues music, only you laugh instead of cry. You may even laugh so hard that you do cry, or even tinkle a little, when you see what tricks are up the sleeve of this highly entertaining and memorable comedian!

Certainly one of the most unique stand-up comedy performers on the road today. He has a great "hook", which combined with impressive writing, and the knowledge of all that is cute, but a little creepy, makes for a comedy experience you will never forget!

Bring a friend or bring a lover. Bring your mother-in-law if you have to, or treat a hobo, but see Brian Archer now! From the comfortable comedy club environments, to the seediest smoke filled venues, Brian invites you to "Step Right Up Folks!!!"