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Aidan Killian

“Irelands answer to Bill Hicks” – Common Law Society

Work of comic genius!’- Awaken Ireland

Brave and enlightening!” –The Happiest Medium NYC

Extraordinarily Talented” -Griffiti Magazine

Hilarious!” – Culch.ie

AIDAN KILLIAN freed himself from a life of corporate banking to help save this world one endorphin at a time. Since then he has entertained and educated audiences all over the world with his stand up and his hit one man show ‘Take The Red Pill’ which has been gaining massive attention from his sold out NYC debut…

He cleverly and passionately takes us through his experiences with love, banking, debt, truth, beauty and consciousness keeping this sold out house laughing throughout the entire hour.”-  The happiest Medium NYC

To Israel, Japan, South Korea, Leicester Square Theatre London and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Tangential Irishman Aidan Killian stole the night away with a beautiful riff on telephone banking and the existential questions posed by proving your identity.” – The Scotsman

When he’s not touring KILLIAN hosts two of Ireland's best comedy clubs; LaughOutLoud at Anseo, "Ireland's best comedy venue" erics award  and “The Bad Ass Comedy Café.”. He also squeezes in mini Ireland tours such as “Stand Up Against The Bankers” a tour with another Irish political comedian Abie Philbin Bowman based on a barter system. The tour is all about ways on handling debt, e.g. barter, but Aidan simply thinks all debt is an illusion and he would not pay back one cent as he said on BBC’s Newswatch - video link.

Other radio and TV appearances include RTE’s The Savage Eye, RTE, RTE2, TV3 and City Channel as well as many radio interviews such as Newstalk, RTE2 Radio, 98fm, Q102, Spin fm, Phantom, Dublin City Fm, San Fran City Fm.

Starting comedy in Ireland is like joining politics. Ireland has a small comedy scene and it can be challenging for many acts to get stage time but after coming from the banking world with a huge ego and only a few minutes of mediocre material Aidan was told he would have to wait 7 months do a 7 minute spot, so rather than wait a month a minute, he set up his own club. With a few hundred dodgy leaflets and the ability to bully friends and family Aidan set up what has now become the friendliest little club in Ireland often referred to as “the granny flat of Irish comedy.”  (He is still working on removing what’s left of that ego).

Since 2008, Killian has inspired and empowered hundreds of students with his classes on “Public Speaking Through Stand-Up Comedy.” He believes that everyone can share their own unique experiences in front of a live audience and make them laugh. He has taken this course all over the world e.g. a peace festival in Israel and does weekend courses regularly in Dublin for everyone who is interested in challenging themselves to the “bungee jump of self-improvement” at The ComedyCrashCourse or he leads the courses for the internationally renowned “Gaiety School of Acting.” Allow yourself a chance to release your inner funniness.

If you want to see Aidan perform find a good cause and he will be there spreading laughter. Aidan has given his time and energy tirelessly to help create a better world and will continue to do so until his last breath… and most likely beyond in the next life and over and over again till he says “Enough I am finished with planet insanity.”

An informative gem that made us laugh in the face of adversity.”- Fracking Free Fringe Festival

Aidan is an intelligent comedian whose observations on life’s problems are hilarious.”-  Culch.ie

This show could make you rich or put you in jail Noel Faulkner “- Comedy Cafe London

The Red Pill show with its wonderful weave of topics is a work of comic genius. Killian’s Brilliantly crafted act is just the sort of intelligent comedy the world needs right now. Fantastic show – don’t miss it!”   -Awaken Ireland

“In a time when protesters are occupying Wall Street and everybody is questioning our country’s financial system, Horse Trade Theater Group will present the 2011 Edinburgh Fringe Festival hit, “Take The Red Pill!” -Offoffbroadway

If you’re not in the mood to Occupy Wall Street tonight, head to UNDER St. Marks for the next best thing”.- StageBuzz