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Peter Aterman

PETER ATERMAN is an award-winning writer, actor and stand-up comedian from Canada. He began his performing career in improv comedy and from there moved into writing and performing his own sketches. He performed his first full-length solo show, City of Heroes, at the Toronto Fringe Festival in 1999, and followed this a year later with his second and third solo shows, Slaves of Starbucks and Donut Shop Vampires in 2000. Slaves of Starbucks was remounted in 2001 in Toronto and New York, and then performed at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2002, where it garnered critical acclaim and won two awards. It has since been toured in the United Kingdom. In 2004, Aterman won the Hackney Empire New Act of the Year, which Time Out magazine called one of the most important comedy awards in Britain. He premiered his fourth solo show, Love and Despair: A Comedy, at the Edinburgh Fringe in August 2004, where he won a Spirit of the Fringe award. He performs stand-up comedy in and around London, where he is now based.

Press Reviews
"Hysterical, wickedly funny…absolute genius…Aterman is a superb comic actor; not only is his delivery spot-on for each piece, ranging from completely deadpan to deliciously over-the-top, but his talent for accents is superb." - The Scotsman ****

''Ideas as resonant as dreams…jet-black comedy, his writing makes lacerating points about the triumph of philistinism" - The Guardian ****

"Gifted in making the outrageous strangely believable - an apocalyptic vision of corporate America - deadly dark satire at its best." - The List ****

"Inspired, marvelously deadpan" - Village Voice, NYC

"Each target is hammered with Pythonesque glee…In a sea of mediocre comedic jizz, Aterman's wit, integrity and intelligence shines out. You should see him. Now." - Fest *****

"pitch-perfect" - Three Weeks ****

''Hilarious, intelligent material…quickly-paced, Aterman scores big laughs" - Next Magazine, New York

"Sit back, relax and be prepared to laugh a lot - as funny as anything you'll see on Saturday Night Live" - digitalcity.com

"Aterman had the entire audience in stitches with his deadpan delivery - a new height to black comedy" - Hi Drama! Channel 57, New York

"A witty...and very funny performer" - The Halifax Herald

"He might just be a comic genius … one begins to suspect that a manic virus has infected his hard drive. A weird and wonderful voyage into the unexpected, pretty close to perfection!" - Toronto Sun