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Dr Pished

Edinburgh Fringe review “Retired Doctor Ray Lowry provides a number of amusing yet cringe-worthy anecdotes, recounting his time in the professions of dentistry and medicine. The set contains a well-scripted collection of old school jokes about local anaesthetics, gynaecology, and the age old embarrassment of purchasing condoms.”

Dr Pished is the slightly-inebriated character comedy stand-up creation of real-life doctor and dentist, author, newspaper columnist and comedy writer Ray Lowry. He gives a disinhibited (Carry on style) view of 1970s medicine and dentistry warts and all, bringing back to life many laughs and stories from the old jokes home.

While he was working, Dr Lowry was sworn to secrecy about what was done to whom, what they said and what happened. Now he is retired, he can tell all the funny stories he couldn't when he was working; like what it is like in the family planning clinic and how you learn the techniques (they don't call it "practicing" for nothing). Hear what operations he performed and how they went wrong. Find out what goes on in the body store in the medical school and the goings on between staff behind closed doors. Come and laugh at professionals - they certainly laugh at you patients.

Dr Lowry used to write comedy for The Two Ronnies, Dave Allen, Kenneth Williams and Don Maclean. He has been doing stand-up and after dinner speaking for years and has appeared on television, radio and the stage. He also coaches would-be entertaining speakers and has published books (available on Amazon “Confessions of a desperate doctor and dentist).

Venues and gigs
City Hall Newcastle National Dental Students Conference And Dinner
Health Care Supply Association (hcsa) Hilton Manchester Deansgate.
Bdta Annual Dinner Ashmolean Museum Oxford
Newcastle Dental Graduates Dinner St James' Park, Newcastle
The Stand Comedy Club Newcastle (three Times)
Nancy's Bordello (for Grinning Idiot)
The Ropery Sunderland
Chillingham Arms, Newcastle (comedy Club)
Birmingham Dental Students Annual Dinner Hyatt Regency Hotel
Royal College Of Physicians London
Royal Society Of Medicine London
Sheffield University students Union
NHS IT annual conference Stratford on Avon
Plymouth Ladies Luncheon Club