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Sabrina George

Stand up and Compere

A metropolitan comic, Sabrina George flows from acerbic asides to deadpan, and then loops into the absurd, while always retaining a warm, friendly relationship with her audience. She loves performing live because "You never know what's going to happen". She's happiest when flirting with a bunch of strangers and winning them into her world

"I love the mixed audiences we get in London. Once, I had a room full of Bulgarians and their translator. Translated down the rows, one person laughing at a time, thirty seconds of my comedy turned into five minutes”

Sabrina chooses to focus on her favourite subject -- herself! – the peculiar result of a middleclass upbringing that clashed Winnie the Pooh against Rudolf Steiner. Her comedy heroes are Mae West, Marty Feldman and Richard Pryor

An experienced compere, Sabrina has her own club where she runs comedy nights at the Angel in Islington, London. She also ran Cheeckie Chappies and Cricketers over one season and, performed on a bill with two other comics at the Edinburgh Fringe

Sabrina has just got back from Berlin where she was the second International Act at the new Blue Monday Comedy Club. She has worked in London and around England. Yuk Yuks in Canada, Comedy Café in Amsterdam as well as Atlanta, Georgia and New Orleans in the States.

Sabrina has worked in theatre, film and opera as a designer/director and slap artiste on productions in London, Sydney, Berlin, France and New York, where Andy Warhol interviewed her about her shoes. Because art doesn't pay, she has also supported herself working as a bouncer in underground clubs in Manhattan. Just in case, she carries three passports but feels she is genetically Welsh having a fondness for men in rugby shirts with large moustaches

“Sabrina George is the best thing to happen in comedy for two decades” - Arthur Smith Time Out October 11-18 2000