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Nicko & Joe

Nicko & Joe have been performing together since 2001 and through word of mouth and the power of the Internet have already built up quite an impressive cult following. Their brand of music and comedy grant audiences exclusive access to their own world where women worship at the alter of the manboob, country songs are happy and science fiction characters fight for their gay rights.

They released their first EP "Geek by proxy" in late 2001 (which sold out within a few months) and in September 2003 released the CD Wallpaper. This CD is a collection of their favourite songs performed so far including the popular SCI If epic "The Ballad of Brian".

"Wallpaper" has already caused pockets of excitement and hysteria world wide and, in particular, their song "Manboobs" has proven to be the main talking point. In America it prompted 500 kids to create a "Manboobs" dance which they performed at their High School Prom and the song has also been adopted as the anthem for one of the British arms of the "Manboobs Appreciation Society".

This high energy and friendly duo enjoy being in front of an audience and have already amassed a reputation amongst regular show goers as an act hell bent on having just a good a time as the audience.


Coming from a musical background; Joe Timmins is better known as the guitarist from rock indie band Wilmer whose self titled EP received a lot of airplay on commercial radio as well as featuring on television shows such as Nuts and Bolts and Jara. When not performing with Nicko he can be found touring and recording with the band.


Nicko, although a classically trained musician, came to the duo from a stand up background. After only two attempts at stand up comedy she was deemed good enough for a spot on the open mic final which was televised for BBC 1's The Stand Up Show. Her writing was featured in comedy magazine Deadpan as well as the book "Dates from Hell". When not performing with Joe she can be
found writing or singing in acoustic venues around the UK.

"Splendidly Bolshi" - The Telegraph

"Wonderfully silly songs, some of which are only mildly offensive" - Rated and Recommended