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Paul Butcher

My name is Paul Butcher I am 26 years old and have just completed my 2nd year of Drama at Lincoln University. I have a strong and keen interest in Stand-Up Comedy and would like to move into Stand-Up and Acting after I have completed my 3rd year Degree. I have chosen to do Stand-Up as my Dissertation also. I have only done two gigs so far. The first was a Cabaret Night that I organised this year at Christophers Pub in Lincoln. The purpose of this night was to not only bring all the Drama Students at Lincoln University together to perform live music, drum solos and some comedy acts but I used the night as a test run for my set so essentially it was my first unnofficiaI gig. I acted as MC, prepared and performed additional material for the opening of the Cabaret Night, introduced all the acts and performed my 5 to 8 minute set which ran to about 10 minutes as I had included further material and made conversation with the audience. My second gig although I would call it my first official gig took place at Bishop Grosteste College on Monday May 29th Bank Holiday. This set lasted to 8 minutes and was MC'd and organised by Stuart Wilde who over the past eight weeks has helped and guided me. Now I only wish to do more gigs particularly for University students. My set draws upon my experiences as a student such as student living or 'squalor' as I prefer to call it, girlfriends, masturbation, chavs, impulse control problems and Dove toilet paper! After the Bank Holiday gig I received the following text message from Stuart -

'Paul. Awesome m8. Best 1st gig i've ever seen. Timing was brilliant. Top stuff m8.' Well done mucker. Stuart Wilde.