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Danny Huntley

"I'm so tired of shows like Wife Swap and Job Swap. What next? Sick children on Kidney Swap?"

Dark and surreal, Danny Huntley crept onto the stage in April 2003 at The Buzz.

His no-holds-barred style startling unsuspecting audiences, Danny's sets take an uncompromising look at the world we inhabit with topics such as aggressive charity workers, the homeless, old age, reality tv and problem pages.

Where's he been?

As well as appearing regularly at SLICE! in Preston, Danny has performed at the following venues...

The Buzz, Manchester
Hyena Comedy Cafe , Newcastle (So You Think You're Funny 2003)
The No 3 Hotel, Blackpool (J20's Last Laugh Comedy Search)
The Frog and Bucket, Manchester (Beat The Frog)
Comedy Station, Blackpool

In 2004 he plans to become a regular face on the comedy circuit.

You have been warned.