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O’Shea & O’Gaukroger

Marina O’Shea and Tessa (O’)Gaukroger are two actor comediennes, whose unique repertoire is making a name for them with their friendly, witty and instinctive style. 

Born from a desire to unleash a silliness and put it to good use, O&O hatched from a friendship based on a shared ability to find any and every chance to laugh. And since then the two have been making laughs like there is no going back. Because there is no going back. This is comedy. And it’s as hard to shake as warts.

As well as touring comedy sketch and song shows around the country to festivals, venues, music festivals, living rooms and just about every other unlikely place, O&O have teamed up with Cineon Productions to create a six part comedy short film series. These films have been entered into festivals around the country, are screened as part of their touring show and stand alone for a YouTube audience. 
The two are influenced by the greats; French & Saunders, Billy Connolly, Monty Python, and bus drivers.

In collaboration with Cineon Productions, O’Shea & O’Gaukroger present a six part series of Comedy Short Films. View the second in the series below, 'Gone Fishin'. Tensions are wry, as O'Shea confronts O'Gaukroger...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=onV51WElBGs


“These two are original, energetic and genuinely funny. They utilise a combination of character sketches, topical songs, ridiculous poetry, and audience involvement to breeze through their fast paced hour long act… O’Shea & O’Gaukroger have a growing reputation and seem to be touring constantly throughout the country.”   David Humphrey, Theexeterdaily.co.uk

“O’Shea & O’Gaukroger provide a great night of laughs… Both are very talented, and they engage brilliantly with the audience.” Lydia Tewkesbury, Wildfire

“…such a talented comedy duo …laugh out loud funny…reminded me of an early French and Saunders at their very best. Can’t wait to see what they do next.” John Tomkins Director / Producer

“…laugh out loud funny…Creating, writing and producing their own characters, sketches and film shorts these girls are real, raw talent…O’Shea & O’Gaukroger are guaranteed to keep you laughing long after leaving the auditorium.” Exeter Daily

“…original and wonderfully witty on stage.”   Rosalind Campbell

         “I really liked this duo, and the audience liked the theatricality of their act….” Martin Mullaney, Cheeky Monkey Comedy Club, Birmingham

“…the essentials of quality comic performances…the laughs come thick and fast… enact various caricatures…as effectively as Morecombe & Wise ever did…Their material is witty, intelligent… look like they’re ‘hot’ in the ‘Success’ mould, fired toward stardom…O’Shea & O’Gaukroger can only get more inventive and funnier with every appearance in 2013 so don’t miss them wherever they appear on their current UK Tour.” Arthur Duncan, Remotegoat 

“Absolutely hilarious. All the mugging stuff, and the whole front row were youth offender drug workers! Well done.” Becky