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Julia Wilson

Strap yourselves in Britain you're in for an experience.

From Bouncer to Accountant to Australia's hottest export in comedy, Julia has been tearing through audiences with true-life tales that endear her to all who listen.

Appearances on down under stage, TV, radio and film have honed her dynamic personality to a gutsy edge that can't be rivalled. She doesn't just take the stage, she owns it.

Her Australian style of storytelling is delivered with such honesty and energising pace that a shirt full of sore ribs is guaranteed. A worthy addition to any bill, Julia has been winning audiences over through out Australia with her humour that refuses to be pigeonholed and her personality that refuses to be ignored.

TV appearances:
Comedy Inc
Champagne Comedy
Out There
Kaos TV
Dolphin Juice

Nova Melbourne
JJJFM (Australia wide)

Oyster Farmer (2003)
2004 Melbourne International Comedy Festival - "Punch Drunk"
A journey of sex, violence and combining the two for the greater good of mankind… so no one gets hurt

"I never thought I could be scared and laugh at the same time, then I saw her" RRRFM
"Laughter rips through her audiences like wildfire" ComedyLive
"Julia Wilson is the scariest woman in standup" SubFM