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Matt Davis

"His act can be both cerebral, like Carlin's, and unpredictable, like Pryor's" -The Wichita Eagle (2009)

Matt Davis is a 36-year-old , USA-born, internationally headlining comedian who has released 5 albums over 19+ years as a touring performer while logging repeat performances in over 150 cities across 18 countries, including appearances at the prestigious Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal, JFL42 in Toronto, Sketch Fest in San Francisco, the Kuala Lumpur International Comedy Festival in Malaysia, and the Bengaluru Comedy Festival in India.

“Funny, filthy, dirty, but SMART, funny, filthy dirty...” -Dave Attell

In July 2015 Matt launched the "A World in Jest" project, attempting to travel non-stop for a year around the world using only stand up comedy gigs and the communities that surround them to help him along.  7 months in, he's performed over 80 shows across 12 countries. 

Matt’s goal is to continue until August of 2016 and take a new one hour show crafted from the project to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

“Has the Tom Rhodes Radio stamp of approval!” - Tom Rhodes

“After slaying crowds last year in his Shanghai debut, he’s back again.” - That’s Magazine, July 2015 (Shanghai, China)

Beginning with only a handful of dates in China and Southeast Asia, Matt reached out first to comedians he knew from his 19 years of performing. Those contacts led to other connections, who in turn led to even more. And so he continues.

Along the way, Davis has been documenting - the shows, travel, and experiences - with videos, photos, and writing. At the end of the project, he plans to revisit these to create a larger narrative work.

“Matt Davis brought tears to our eyes with his incredible solo show!” - Comedian’s Talk Malaysia, Sept 2015 (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

“Humour comes easy when it runs in your bones! Great show!” -StrayDog.in, Mumbai, India, Oct 2015

"Matt Davis can be as cool as the other side of the pillow, or as harsh as unfiltered cigarettes... he has great material on everything from hunting and Harry Potter to retro clothing and homophobia in the Arab world..." -Creative Loafing, Atlanta, USA (2010)

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Watch A Recap Video of the Project’s First 3 Months: 

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