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Hi my Name is Ralf Ganza. My stage name is Gonzo, well that’s what everybody calls me.

Ralf ’Gonzo’ Ganza

He’s German (Friesian really), He is performing and living for the last 6 years in the UK.

He is the most surreal and funniest German you will ever see on stage. He is performing on the streets and stages all over the country.

In 2000 he got nominated for young talent of the year in Liverpool. His stage show is witty and very charming. A lot of his material is of course about the British-German relations and their differences.

He is a kind of clown on stage making people laugh without saying a word. Try to hackle him? Well, this man is quick and his replies are unpredictably hilarious.

Observational comedy which will be hard to find anywhere, you know a funny German?

A favourite comedian of the XS-malarkey in Manchester, they called him a genius.

The Sutton Coldfield Observer called him a fresh wind in the comic scene, with the ability and energy to draw every one in his spell.

He is running cabaret shows in Liverpool, where he works with different musicians offering one of the craziest cabaret show’s in the UK. It’s more like a real cabaret show like in the 20’s in Berlin.

It already achieved cult status in his chosen home town. Watch out for the Gonzo shows!! Once a month in Liverpool. Running for 6 years now!!!