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The Jest

Ella Ainsworth (Channel 4's School of Comedy), Tristan Rogers, Jack Stanley (BBC's Little Britain, The Robinsons), Luke Theobald, and Bryony Twydle are comedy quintet The Jest, who present dark observational skits with a subversive twist. Be it a depraved travel agent guiding unwilling tourists around an Eastern Bloc state you've never heard of, or two Imodium addicts teaching primary school children rather too enthusiastically about the dangers of drugs, their shows feature an array of colourful and grotesque characters. And Jim Broadbent.

Recently slimmed down from nine-person sketch group Simply the Jest (who performed at the Edinburgh Fringe from 2011 to 2013), 'what particularly lifts these guys above the average is their willingness to presume intelligence in their audiences ... clever stuff' (The List). These two girls and three boys are 'impressive ... seriously witty ... [and] very talented young performers' (Broadway Baby).

Recommended by The Londonist, and hailed by The List as one of their Top 3 sketch acts to see at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2013.

The List ★★★★
Broadway Baby ★★★★
Ed Fringe Review ★★★★
The New Kid ★★★★