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Otis Lee Crenshaw

"Crenshaw skips through blistering spontaneity, excruciatingly funny banter and heckler put downs as mortifying as an electric chair." (Guardian)

"An inspired comic creation - Unmissable" (Independent)

"Rich Hall's rapid-fire wit is so spontaneous he should leave his brain to science" (Guardian)

He's the Tennessee jailbird from a trailer-trash family so poor that blues singers used to call round when they had writers block. He's the serial husband with a singular taste in women ­ married seven times, all to women called Brenda. He's the redneck country-rock-blues singer who writes bourbon-soaked, Tom Waits style tunes and blends them with some fine audience banter and hilarious tales taking a swipe at his homeland. Will the real Otis Lee Crenshaw please stand-up? Only he already has ­ for half his life.

Already a celebrated stand-up comedian of exceptional class when he created Otis in 1998, Rich Hall has since gone on to truly make a stand with one of the most enjoyable comedy acts of the past ten years. A perfect fusion of music and comedy, Otis Lee Crenshaw has been charming sell-out audiences each year throughout the UK (on tour), and at major comedy festivals the world over, including Adelaide, Melbourne and his regular sell-out shows at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Looking like a nu-metal roadie, Crenshaw's creator is a master of absurdist irony while eschewing the human condition. He particularly likes to lay into Americans and life across the Pond at every opportunity. As Rich Hall the stand-up, he has visited the Edinburgh Fringe Festival several times and performed at the major comedy clubs in Britain and across the world. He is well known in the United States for appearing and writing on The David Letterman Show, for which Rich pocketed two Emmy Awards ­ the USTV 'Oscars'.

In the United States Rich Hall has also appeared on Saturday Night Live, while his UK television credits include Have I Got News For You (BBC), Never Mind The Buzzcocks (BBC2), Jack Dee's Sunday Service (BBC1) and a memorable appearance on Room 101 (BBC2). As gifted a writer as he is a performer, Rich has recently produced his first book, "Things Snowball", which includes ­ amongst other writings ­ a number of the classic columns he penned for Scotland On Sunday.