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Lee Grant

Originating from Birmingham Lee is a musical comedian that began his comedy career at the start of 2008 and has performed stand-up all around the UK.  A promising new act on the circuit, Lee has received plaudits for his material and accomplished stage presence he is renowned for his dark humour and faultless timing. Now established as a solid and dependable act on the circuit with a style that is sharp and upbeat. His winning persona goes a long way between the songs, the charming banter works well.

Lee is a great comic who grabs every ones attention when he is on stage, if you haven't seen Lee then go check him out. He is a regular at the Holly Bush Cradley Heath. - Phillip Mccullough Comedian/Compare

Lee Grant, is always a pleasure to watch as he is charming and never fails to put on a very entertaining performance. Listening to Lee is a guilty pleasure -wickedly filthy yet so damned funny!!Lee left the audience demanding the first encore I have seen at the Bush, and treated us to a rendition from his 'postcard' ditties. - Kate Lane Comedian

Lee has blossomed into a very accomplished act. Many of the laffs come from the knowing looks he gives to the crowd. He performed the ‘Anti-drinking Song’, ‘How Many Fingers Do You Take?’, ‘The Postcard Songs’, ‘What You Shouldn’t See’ and his self-help song to get people over the Credit Crunch, ‘Just Kill Yourself’. This was all great stuff. Lee’s performances get better and the applause at the end gets louder. - Dave Dinsdale Comedian/Compare

After the interval, I had the distinct pleasure of welcoming Lee Grant to the stage. His brand of filthy musical comedy or 'jizz-rock' as I'm sure it will come to be known, was the perfect end to a classic 'Bush evening, with the audience singing along and calling out for more - Ben Davids Comedian/Compare